Ceridwen MF
2008 3rd Premium Full Papered Studbook Mare
Wander x Sander
Registration # 200804549

Dwarfism gene: Negative Hydracephalus gene: Negative

Ceridwen is our third foal from Shera, and our first filly. She was an embryo transfer, carried by our Thoroughbred/Percheron cross mare, Star. Due to Shera's age, it is likely that this will be her last foal. As such, the filly will be staying at Mythic Friesians as part of our broodmare band.

Ceridwen (Cera for short) is a full papered filly sired by Wander 352. She is an incredibly large foal, with very thick bone structure and yet a feminine, elegant face. She takes after her first premium star dam very clearly! But she has inherited her sire's long forearm and seems to carry his hair gene as well.

Movement-wise, Cera has inherited beautiful forward movement from both of her parents. She has knee action and good usage of her hind end. We're extremely pleased with this girl - look for more of her as she matures!

On September 22, 2011, Cera was presented as a three year old at the keuring in olds, Alberta. The unfamiliar venue proved to be a bit too stressful for her, and she ended up not showing off at all - in fact, she stopped twice during the trot portion of the triangle! But even without showing off her movement, Cera was still awarded a 3rd premium. We will be taking her back to the keuring in a couple of years once she has had a chance to mature a bit more.

In 2013, Ceridwen went back to the keuring. Unfortunately, she once again did not show off her true ability. We will take her back to the keuring one more time, and intend to ride an IBOP with her as well as re-try her for Star. Hopefully that will be in 2015.

Ceridwen had a beautiful Sipke filly on June 18, 2012. This filly, Morgandy MF, was sold to Nicole in Montana.

Ceridwen is bred to Sape 381 Sport for a 2015 foal. If this foal is a filly, we will be keeping her here at Mythic Friesians as a future broodmare. If it is a colt, he will be for sale - however, we already have a name on the waiting list for this colt, so if you're interested, hurry and let us know! This foal won't be available for long if he is for sale at all!

Video of Cera with her Sipke filly, October 6 2012 Video

Cera's Foals:
2012 - Morgandy MF (s: Sipke 450 Sport)
2015 - Zonta MF (s: Sape 381 Sport)

Ceridwen moving out at 6 months pregnant, February 24th, 2012.

Ceridwen at her keuring as a three year old, September 22, 2011.

Ceridwen in the field with the other gals, August 10, 2009.

Ceridwen in the field with her biological mom Shera, October 11, 2008.

Ceridwen by the ancient barn in Saskatchewan, September 6th 2008.

Ceridwen with her surrogate mom, March 24th 2008.

Ceridwen's first time outside, March 21st 2008.