Eowyn MF
2009 Foalbook Mare
Jakob 302 Sport x Beart 411 Sport
Registration # 200906216
Dwarfism gene: Negative Hydracephalus gene: Negative

Eowyn is the only foal we ever had out of our imported Beart 411 mare, Pieterke fan e Kamperdyk. Pieterke passed away shortly after Eowyn was born, so Eowyn is particularly special to us. She is also sired by the late Jakob 302 Sport, who was only ever available for stud by live cover in the Netherlands. There are very few Jakob offspring in North America, making Eowyn's lines even more precious and rare.

Eowyn has matured in to an amazing mare. She is put together exactly how we like - lots of bone and body, long neck, uphill, and very well proportioned. She has phenomenal movement, with huge power from the hind end, knee action, suspension, reach - everything we could ask for! Unfortunately, she has 2 drawbacks - she is not very tall (she will likely finish growing at about 15.1-15.2 hands) and she has a large white star on her forehead. These, coupled with the fact that her dam passed away with no DNA on file, means she will never be able to enter the main Studbook, but will forever be in the KFPS Foalbook.

Thankfully, that doesn't impact Eowyn's foals - they will all be registered in the Foalbook and eligible for the main Studbook as long as they meet the height requirements and do not have unallowable white marks.

Eowyn descends from Stam 110 - a Stam line known for producing many breeding day and driving champions, and more importantly, for producing horses with long productive lifespans. Many mares from this Stam line have continued producing foals into their 20s. Eowyn has already proven her fertility - the first time we bred her, just before she turned 5 years old, she conceived! And not only that - she conceived with only a partial dose of frozen semen, that thawed with poor motility at best. In a breed like Friesians, where reproductive soundness can be a serious problem, mares that catch and carry under less than ideal circumstances are so important.

Eowyn's first foal, a colt by the late great Tsjerk 328 Sport+Preferent, sold within hours of listing him for sale. Her second foal, sired by Julius 486, is expected in May 2016, and this foal is sold in utero. We will be breeding Eowyn back in 2016 and hoping for a keeper filly for 2017!

Eowyn's Foals:
2015 - Zohan Tsjerk MF (s: Tsjerk 328 Sport+Pref)

Strutting her stuff in the paddock, October 13, 2013.

Candid shots in the field, June 29, 2013.

Starting to fill out! Eowyn at 3 years old, September 17, 2012.

Eowyn as a two year old, October 25, 2011.

Yearling Eowyn, October 20, 2010.

Eowyn at 6 weeks old, August 10, 2009.

Eowyn MF, one day old, June 28, 2009.