Femke van de Brink
Third Premium Full Papered Studbook Mare
Heinse x Peke
Registration # 200106330

Femke is our promising young Heinse mare from stam 43. She has a full pedigree with 7 generations of star or better mares behind her. At 5 years old, she stands a solid 17 hands at the withers! But you’d never know she had such size, as her manners are impeccable. Femke’s older full sister, Anna Rinske van de Brink, was Champion Mare at the 2003 mare show in Drachten. We expect great things of this gentle giant.

Femke was shown at the 2004 keuring in Monroe, WA. Despite a very poor performance, the judges awarded her a 3rd premie based almost entirely on her stunning conformation. At the 2005 keuring, she was presented a second time. Despite her near flawless build and forward movement, she simply does not have the flashy trot the judges are looking for, so she has remained as a third premium studbook mare.

Far from being disappointed, we are instead delighted at the progress Femke has been making with her dressage training. More than one professional trainer has commented that she has the talent to compete successfully at FEI level. While we don't know if that will be her future path, her dressage ability is just one of many traits we hope Femke will pass on to her foals.

Femke is open for 2007. She is for sale for $23,000 US.


Femke under saddle, August 4th, 2006

Femke and two month old Tahiti MF, June 10th, 2006

Picture taken April 23rd, 2006

Pictures taken with her new filly Tahiti MF, April 10th, 2006

Pictures taken October 15th, 2005

Pictures taken at the Monroe keuring, 2005

Pictures taken August 1, 2004

Pictures from US quarantine at Friesians 4 USA, February 2004

Picture from the Netherlands, January 2004

Femke's Mythic Friesian Foals
2006 - Tahiti MF