Liskje fan 'e Sjongedyk
Full Papered 3rd Premium Studbook Mare
Onne 376 x Tsjerk 328
Registration # 200303207

Liskje fan 'e Sjongedyk comes from a long line of excellent mares that are also excellent producers. Her motherline reads as follows:

Ster - Ster+Pref - Model - Ster - Model - Ster+Pref - Model+Pref
That's 7 generations of full papers behind her - with three MODEL mares and four PREFERENT mares! Pedigrees like that are hard to find. She comes from stam 70, the stam line that produced such stallions as Gerryt 360, Lute 304, and the famous FEITSE 293, one of only two living Preferent stallions.

Liskje's sire is Onne, an excellent son of Leffert 306 Preferent. Onne produces foals with excellent breed type and structure. As well, the linear scores for his offspring in 2005 showed an amazing 108 for both walk and trot! Those are great numbers that show his offspring have exceptional movement at all gaits. In other words, these babies aren't just a flashy trot!

And Liskje definately lives up to this. As a three year old, her own linear scoresheet ranked her with a 7 for walk and a 7.5 for trot. Those numbers are good enough to make her not only a star mare, but a 1st premie star! With a some work and some time to mature more physically, we have no doubt that she will become a star mare in the future.

Conformationally, Liskje is different than any of our other mares. She could be argued to be the more modern Friesians type - but to our eyes, she is, 'modern done right'! She has the long legs, finer bones, and uphill build that is so desirable in a dressage horse, without losing the sheer presense that is the Friesian horse.

Liskje produced a beautiful colt sired by Wikke 404 in 2008. This foal was sold in utero.

Liskje was sold in 2008, to our wonderful trainer Lynn. In 2012, however, she is coming back to Mythic Friesians on a breeding lease. We are very excited about the opportunity to breed this mare again! We think she will love having some time out on 100+ acres in the beautiful prairie sunshine. Thank you Lynn for this amazing opportunity!

Liskje playing in the Saskatchewan snow, February 28th, 2012.

Liskje enjoying our winter sun, February 21st, 2007.

Liskje after her arrival at Mythic Friesians, December 18th, 2006.

Liskje in quarantine, November 14th, 2006.

Liskje in the Netherlands, October 2006.

Liskje's sire, Onne 376.
Picture courtesy of the Friesian Exchange.