Orion MF
Second Premium Full Papered Colt

This colt was just raring to come out and greet everyone. He was 6 days premature, but was definitely ready to be born. He was up and walking around – albeit unsteadily – almost immediately, and was nursing strongly within thirty minutes. Just like his mom, this boy has a very strong urge to eat.

Also like his mom, Orion is very stockily built, and already is showing an abundance of feathers. He has a great extended trot and an outstanding personality. At just two months old, Orion attended an Agricultural Fair and spent five days being petted and adored by children and adults alike.

Orion attended the 2004 keuring in Monroe, WA. He was presented to the judges on Tuesday, September 14th and was awarded with one of the only 2nd premiums of the day!

This colt is full papered, and his dam is already almost preferent. This boy will be a definite stallion contender.

Orion has been sold to Laura Doyle of North Vancouver, British Columbia. Congratulations to both of you!