Othello MF
Second Premium Full Papered Colt
Fetse x Hearke Pref
Registration # 200406360

Othello was born very early on the morning of June 17th, 2004. Like all foals, he was pretty much made up entirely of legs, but it wasn't until Othello stood up that we realized just how true that was! This colt is huge, and will easily pass 16.2 when he's grown. He's already taller than both of our other 2004 colts, even though Orion is the eldest.

Othello, like his dam Ourenske, is a typical old style, baroque Friesian. He has an incredibly upright neck and shoulder; a born carriage horse but with the spunk to do dressage as well. He has fantastic knee action, a sweet yet proud personality, and great bloodlines. His 1/2 brother, Paulus fan 'e Achterwei, is consistently winning at IFSHA shows, and won two Championships at the 2004 IFSHA Grand Nationals.

Othello was the last colt presented to the judges at the 2004 keuring in Monroe, WA. The judges commented that he was a very nice colt, with good action in his front end. He was one of only a handful of colts awarded a second premium at the keuring.

Now over one year of age, Othello is still growing like a weed and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. While tall and lanky at the moment, when he moves, the horse he will be truly shines through. His walk is beautiful, forward and reaching even when he barely tries. And his trot - it seems like he never touches the ground, except for a few brief instants to launch himself forward again. His temperment is as superb as his movement; he wants to please, loves to work, and adores attention. He is polite and willing in a way rarely seen in a stud.

This colt is full papered. On top of that, his sire, Fetse 349, already has 4 approved sons at only 11 years of age! Othello has the conformation and movement to be the fifth.

Othello is sold!

Pictures taken Oct. 13, 2005
"The last rays of summer"

Picture taken July 7, 2005

Pictures taken May 1, 2005
"Still in my winter fuzzies"

Pictures taken in July, 2004

Pictures taken at 10 days old

Othello's sire, Fetse 349.
Picture courtesy of the Friesian Exchange.

Othello's dam, the star mare Ourenske H.