Quantum MF
Third Premium Full Papered Colt
Jasper x Tsjomme
Registration # 200505617

Quantum MF was born in the early morning of February 26th, 2005, after quite a stressful week. His mother had shown signs for six days that the foal was ready to come, but she decided to hold on to him for just a while longer. But, he was sure worth the wait! Quantum leapt out in to the world, and has been a constant source of joy and entertainment to us ever since.

Like his dam Vella, Quantum is a big, bold, and above all else, hairy boy. He positively floats whenever he moves, and can't seem to stop himself from showing off to anyone near him. He has a beautiful, refined face, with tiny tipped in ears and a graceful swan neck. And he only gets better from there on back.

Quantum's sire, Jasper 366, was the highest ranked Friesian stallion based on offspring in 2004. The fact that Jasper produces top foals is very exciting to us, and added to the fact that Jasper is not available to North American breeders, it makes Quantum even more precious. This is just one more reason why we will be presenting Quantum to the judges in 2008, in the hopes of him being granted breeding approval. Until then, check back here to see his progress!

Quantum in the field, July 18, 2005.

Quantum with dam at one month old.

Quantum's sire, the popular Jasper 366.

Quantum's dam, the star mare Renske Welmoed.