Tsjitske-V. fan Lytssypenstein
2014 Filly
Alke 468 x Rypke 321 x Keimpe 261
Registration # 20141980

In 2015, we had planned to keep 3 foals that ultrasound had shown to be fillies. We wanted to make sure that we had young fillies coming up so that as our mare herd got older, we did not find ourselves caught without mares to breed. Unfortunately, our mares had other plans, and all 3 of the foals that our vet thought were fillies turned out to be colts!

Deprived of our upcoming fillies, we decided to take a look at what fillies were on the market. We immediately came upon an ad by Leny Haytema of Leny's Friese Paardens for a yearling filly by Alke. Our long standing love of the Age line made us take a close look at this filly, and what we found in her bloodlines made every other filly we looked at pale in comparison.

Tsjitske's dam is a Model mare - the very best of the best, awarded to less than 1% of the mare population. This mare, Vigone G.L., is sired by an amazing, hard to find old stallion by the name of Rypke 321. Rypke is a perfect example of what attracted many of us to the Friesian breed - bone, hair, and a presence that can't be denied. Rypke has never been available to breeders in North America, so that makes this bloodline even more desirable for us.

Next in the pedigree is another Age line stallion, Keimpe 261, who stems from a branch of the Age line that has since vanished.

An interesting thing to note about this Stam 103 pedigree is that in Tsjitske's direct dam line, the mares were 16 years, 18 years and 18 years old when the next mare in line was born. They have had 9, 12 and 15 foals respectively! Thich shows a wonderful longevity and reproductive soundness that is very rare in Friesians, and which we are thrilled to add to our breeding program. As an added interesting note about these mares, the KFPS Mare Books mention that this direct bloodline formed the backbone of the ballet group of Wolvega.

Tsjitske was shown as a long yearling at the Red Deer, Alberta keuring in 2015, shortly after importing her. She did very well and was awarded a 2nd premium. We think that once she has matured fully and goes back as a three year old, she may do even better!

Look at the curly feathers on this girl! Not even 2 years old. January 14, 2016.

First day home in Saskatchewan, September 20, 2015.

At the keuring in Red Deer, Alberta, September 18, 2015.

Tsjitske in quarantine with Horses2Fly in the Netherlands, July 16, 2015.