Wolfric MF
Second Premium Full Papered Colt
Feike 395 x Hearke Pref
Registration # 200706093

Wolfric MF was born May 11th, 2007. As with all of Ourenske's foals, he slipped into the world easily and with little fuss. But, from the instant he stood up, he was special in a way all his own.

Unlike his dam Ourenske, Wolfric is a more modern style Friesian. He still has some bulk to him, but he has a short back and very long legs. He has incredible uphill movement and a ground eating stride that is fantastic to watch. He is a perfect dressage type Friesian, with correct conformation and movement as well as a presense that sets him apart in a crowd.

He also has his mother's proud but friendly personality, and great bloodlines. His 1/2 brother, Paulus fan 'e Achterwei, is consistently winning at IFSHA shows, and won two Championships at the 2004 IFSHA Grand Nationals.

Wolfric was on of the first colts presented at the 2007 keuring in Maple Ridge. The judges particularly liked him, and awarded him a second premium. At the end of the colt's class, there was one 1st premium colt and three 2nd premium colts. Of the second premium colts, only Wolfric was invited back to the ring, and as such he was awarded the Reserve Champion colt of the keuring.

This colt is full papered - his dam is a 6th generation star mare. His papers are:
star - star+pref - star - model - star - star
His sire, Feike, is one of the few Friesian stallions performing in the top levels of dressage. Wolfric has the conformation and ability to follow in his father's footsteps. He is also a strong stallion candidate!

Wolfric is no longer for sale! We had decided when he was a baby that if we still had him at his second birthday, we would keep him for ourselves. Well, he was still here on May 11th 2009, so we're keeping him until his three year old keuring, at least. We're extremely excited to see how this boy continues to grow!

Pictures from the Maple Ridge keuring, Oct. 22nd, 2007

Pictures taken Oct. 1st, 2007

Wolfric's sire, Feike 395.
For more information on Feike 395, see him at Royal Carousel Friesians.

Wolfric and his dam, the star mare Ourenske H.