Pieterke fan 'e Kamperdyk
Full Papered 5 year old Mare
Beart 411 x Djurre 284
Registration # 200501841

Pieterke fan 'e Kamperdyk comes from stam 110. Stam 110 is a stam line that has produced a large number of breeding day and driving champions. The most famous mare from this stam line is Neenke Model+Preferent - and Neenke is Pieterke's great grandmother! Neenke, with her descendants, won the best breeding group title in Oldeboorn 6 times in the 1980s.

The mares from this stam line are known not only for their working and driving ability, but also for having long, productive life spans. Neenke was still producing foals in her 20's and had 12 foals during her life. Pieterke's grandmother, the star mare Joek, had her 9th foal when she was 20 years old. Pieterke's mother, the star mare Wieke van de Pieter Peit's Hoeve, had produced 11 foals by the time she was 16 years old! The longevity of these mares is phenomenal among the Friesian breed, where health and reproductive problems are rampant. The strength of these lines are just one of the qualities that attracted us to Pieterke.

Pieterke (Pita for short) is a full papered 5 year old mare. Her sire is Beart 411, a phenomenal young stallion recently approved on offspring. He ranks very high among all Friesian stallions for production of sport qualities in his offspring. In fact, in the ranking per characteristic for all approved Friesian stallions, Beart ranks first for Walk, Trot and Canter! He also ranks second for Frame, Aptitude for Riding, and Aptitude for Driving, and third for Feet & Legs. That puts Beart in the top 5 stallions for 7 out of the 9 categories - outstanding! And we expect Pita to live up to the high expectations that her father has set.

Pita is a smaller sized mare, but you would never know this from looking at a picture of her! She is very proportionate to her size. Many small, compact mares have a short forearm and short, thick neck - but not Pieterke! She has a beautiful long forearm and great length of neck. Her movement is roomy and has good impulsion, with good hind leg action as well. Like many Beart offspring, she is a bit of a late bloomer, so we will not be taking her to the keuring until she is a bit older and has had more time to mature. She was registered without being keured as a foal, so we want to make sure her first keuring is an amazing one!

UPDATE - Pieterke produced a beautiful filly on June 28th, 2009.
The sire of this foal is the amazing older stallion Jakob 302. We chose Jakob for a few reasons - he produces tall, leggy offspring with incredible personalities and great sport aptitude, and he offers different bloodlines that are otherwise unavailable to breeders in North America. Jakob is also among the top 5 stallions for 3 characteristics - tied for second with Beart for Aptitude for Riding, third for Aptitude for Driving, and fifth for Trot. We will be keeping this filly for our own breeding and competition program. See her page here.

Since we are keeping the Jakob filly, we have decided to sell Pieterke. We will only sell her on the condition that she is prepared and presented at an FPS keuring. This mare has everything it takes to make star, and she deserves that chance! If Pita is still with us come the 2010 breeding season, we will breed her before selling her. We will also be taking her to the keuring this year if she is still here. We would be happy to prepare her and keur her for her new owners, if that is of interest.

Pita is for sale for $20,000 Canadian before her keuring.

Pieterke the day after foaling, June 28th, 2009.

Pieterke finally arriving in Saskatchewan, May 14th, 2009.

Pieterke at Noeste Hoeve, October 14th, 2008.

Pieterke in the Netherlands, spring 2008.

Pieterke's sire, Beart 411, champion at the stallion show in 2006.
Picture courtesy of Cally Matherly of Cally's Pictures.