Vokeltsje D.
Full Papered Second Premium Star Mare
Tije 401 x Reyert
Registration # 200600901
Dwarfism gene: Negative Hydracephalus gene: Negative

With the loss of Renske Welmoed in February 2007, Mythic Friesians was without a mare that descended from an Age line stallion, which is where the focus of our breeding program lies. In order to continue attempting to breed the lines we are looking for, we needed to find another top quality breeding mare that was sired by an Age line stallion. In our search for such a horse, we again turned to our friends at Friesians 4 USA for aid. Rick was able to find a prospect that exceeded our wildest expectations! That horse is Vokeltsje D.

Vokeltsje D - or Vogue, as we call her - is a 2006 filly sired by Tije 401. Tije is a son of the great Fabe. While he is now disqualified on offspring, Tije was extensively used during his breeding career in the Netherlands and had many top offspring. He was also awarded the Sport predicate by the FPS. His offspring have great work ethic and athletic ability, which Vogue definitely displays! In fact, at the 2010 keuring in Olds, Alberta Canada, Vogue was the Champion horse of the day - and the Reserve Champion of the Day was another Tije daughter!

However, it was Vogue's dam line that made it clear that we had to purchase this filly. Vogue's star dam is a full sister to the approved stallion Tietse 428! Following that line back further shows the star + preferent mare Bontsje who is not only the mother of Tieste 428, but is also the mother of the one and only LEFFERT 306 PREF! The next three generations in her mare line are star+pref, model+pref, model. Mare lines this strong are nearly impossible to find.

So not only does Vogue have a rare father line, she also has an incredible motherline. And that fantastic paper is only augmented by Vogue herself! A second premium as a foal, a yearling, and again as a four year old, she is a beautiful, elegant mare. She is a very modern mare with a refined head, long neck, legs up to there, and huge, ground covering movement. She floats across the ground at every gait, barely seeming to touch down with any of her feet. Her personality is sweet and inquisitive, responsive to people without being 'hot'.

In 2009, Vogue was keured for the first time as an adult. The judges had positive things to say about almost everything - her conformation, racial type, bone structure and legs, as well as her walk and trot. The particularly complimented her front end in the trot. They were, however, unhappy with the lack of flex and impulsion in her hocks and hind end, and so while they did promote her to the studbook, she was not awarded a premium at that time.

In 2010, we re-presented Vogue at the keuring in Olds, Alberta. Improving the standing of a Friesian is always a difficult proposition, so we were a bit hesitant about re-presenting her in a year where we had had so little opportunity to work her due to the weather. However, we decided to take her, and presented her in the 4+ Repeat Mares for Star category. Vogue was placed first in her class and awarded a second premium star! We were absolutely thrilled.

Then, at the end of the day, Vogue was called back into the ring for the Champion of the Day class. There were three 2nd premium mares all in competition for the title. One mare was dismissed due to having slightly downhill build and a shot forearm, leaving only Vogue and another Tije daughter in the ring. In the end, the judges said that due to her uphill build, modern type, and suppleness in her movement, Vogue was named Champion of the Day! It was a huge accomplishment, with two other excellent horses in competition for the title. We are very proud of our girl! She is living up to all of the expectations we had for her, and more.

Vogue has produced two wonderful foals for us at Mythic Friesians so far. In 2012, she had a filly sired by Tonjes 459 Sport, named Opal MF. Opal was sold to Joan Dixon in South Dakota, and was selected for her sire's offspring testing! Vogue's second foal, Viktor MF, a 2014 colt sired by Sape 381 Sport, is being kept by us at Mythic Friesians as a potential stallion candidate. Vogue was bred back to Sape 381 Sport for a full sibling to Viktor in 2015. Her 2015 Sape colt was sold to North Carolina as a future stallion candidate. In 2015, we collected an embryo from Vogue sired by Date 477 Sport, and transplanted that in to one of our Clydesdale mares. Vogue is now open to pursue her dressage career. Stay tuned for details in 2016!

Vogue's Foals:
2012 - Opal MF (s: Tonjes 459 Sport)
2014 - Viktor MF (s: Sape 381 Sport)
2015 - Weylin MF (s: Sape 381 Sport)

Vogue as an 8 year old at the keuring in Red Deer, Alberta, September 19, 2014.

Vogue with her first foal, a beautiful filly sired by Tonjes 459, on May 24, 2012.

Vogue moving out in the field, October 7, 2010.

Vogue becomes Star and Champion of the Day in Olds, Alberta, September 24, 2010.

Vogue at her 3 year old keuring in Olds, Alberta, August 24, 2009.

Vogue coming to visit the camera, October 10, 2008.

Vogue in the sunrise, September 29, 2008.

Vogue after a bath, May 18th 2008.

Vogue looking a bit gawky shedding out her winter coat, April 27th 2008.

Vogue as a yearling in the Netherlands, March 12, 2007.

Vogue's sire, Tije 401