Our Prospects

Rhiannon MF
(Lolke 371 Sport x Liskje fan 'e Sjongedyk x Onne 376)
(Registration # 201303269)

Rhiannon MF is the filly we retained from
our breeding lease on Liskje fan 'e Sjongedyk.
Her sire is Lolke 371 Sport.
She has a star studded pedigree, and she is definitely
living up to our expectations!
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Tsjitske-V. fan Lytssypenstein
(Alke 468 x Vigone G.L. Model x Rypke 321)
(Registration # 201401980)

Tsjitske is an imported filly by
Age line stallion Alke 468.
Her dam is the amazing Model mare Vigone G.L.
who is a daughter of the baroque Rypke 321.
Descended from Stam 103, the mare book entry for
this Stam line reads like a who's who of Tsjitske's
direct mare line.
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Viktor MF
(Sape 381 Sport x Vokeltsje D. Star x Tije 401 Sport)
(Registration # 201402259)

Viktor is the result of the breeding we have
been planning for more than a decade - Age x Age!
Out of our full papered star mare Vogue,
and sired by the amazing Sape 381 Sport,
this colt will go far!
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