Sold Horses

2015 Bene 476 x Undara MF Colt
Registration #201502944

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Deb and Zed!

This boy was planned and waited for many years in advance.
He was presold in 2009, and in 2015 our friend Deb finally got her colt!
With a very interesting Ritske x Ritske line breeding, Zed
has unique bloodlines to go with his beautiful long lines
and outstanding movement. This colt got the perfect home right from the start!

2015 Sape 381 Sport x Vokeltsje D Star Colt
Registration #201502163

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Danene and Weylin!

Weylin is full sibling to our keeper colt Viktor MF. Both
boys are products of our Age line breeding program, sired
by the champion Sape 381 Sport and out of Vokeltsje D star.
We had hoped to have a filly to keep for our breeding program,
but instead some lucky person will get an amazing colt!

2015 Sape 381 Sport x Ceridwen MF Colt
Registration #201502151

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Serena and Zonta!

This colt was one we were hoping was a filly! He is the second foal
out of our full papered third premie mare Ceridwen MF.
Cera is the daughter of our first Friesians mare, Shera.
He had a bit of a rocky start with a medonium impaction, but fought
his way through it and now is a feisty, friendly guy. He is very
tall, with a nice short back and upright neck, and that round Sape
butt! He will make someone an excellent riding or driving horse!

2015 Tsjerk 328 Sport+Preferent x Eowyn MF Colt
Registration #201502162

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Rachel and Zohan!

The first foal out of our Jakob mare Eowyn MF arrived
quickly and smoothly late on April 18th. He is a strong colt, quick
to his feet and quick to nurse, with a great personality.
This colt is one of the last foals sired by the late, influential
approved stallion Tsjerk 328 Sport+Preferent, as the
only frozen left is in individual storage tanks - not available publicly.

2014 Lolke 371 Sport x Undara MF Colt

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Kaitlyn and Thorondor!

This foal sure kept us waiting! Undara tested ready to foal for 4 days
before finally letting us meet this beauty. Born May 9, 2014 just before
midnight, he was definitely worth the wait. His legs go on forever - he
is probably the tallest foal we have ever had. He is a strong, solid boy
who will go on to be an amazing dressage star!

2013 Doaitsen 420 x Undara MF Colt
Registration #201303270

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Janet and Poseidon!

This is the first foal out of our full papered third premie mare
Undara MF. Undara is the daughter of the old matriarch
of our herd, Ourenske H.. This colt arrived with a bang
on May 13th - in the field instead of in a stall, but otherwise
perfect in every way. He is tall and modern built with a
very good uphill build. His movement is to die for - light and
floating with all the flash we expect from a Doaitsen foal!
Coupled with the sweet, easy temperament of his Erik dam, this
colt has it all!

2012 Sipke 450 x Ceridwen MF Filly
Registration #201204191

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Nicole and Morgandy!

This is our first foal out of full papered studbook mare
Ceridwen MF, our Wander daughter out of the late, great
first premie star mare Shera. This filly arrived
early on June 21st, and she is everything we had hoped for!
Tall like her dam, with a nice short back, long neck and
gorgeous head, this filly will be amazing!
And as one of Sipke's last North American foals, her
bloodlines will be hard to find in future years.

Video of Morgandy MF, October 6 2012 Morgandy MF

2012 Tonjes 459 x Vokeltsje D Star Filly
Registration #201204091

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Joan and Opal!

Another first, this girl is the first foal out of the foundation
of our Age line breeding program, Vokeltsje D star.
Born on May 22, 2012, this filly was presold two years in advance.
However, due to unforseen circumstances, the buyer was not
able to complete the deal, and so Opal was offered for sale again.
This filly is uphill and light on her feet, with the same
commanding presense that her dam has.
Video of Opal, October 6 2012 Opal MF

Wolfric MF
(Feike 395 x Ourenske H. ster x Hearke) (Registration # 200706093)

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Jenn and Wolfric!

Wolfric is the last foal out of Ourenske H, our oldest star mare.
He was a second premium reserve champion colt as his baby keuring.
For more information on Wolfric, click here.

Shera Ster (Sander x Tsjalling) (Registration # 198910520)

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Jenn and Shera!

1989 1st Premium Star Friesian Mare, Sander x Tsjalling
For more information on Shera, click here.

Liskje fan 'e Sjongedyk (Onne x Tsjerk) (Registration # 200303207)

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Lynn and Liskje!

Daughter of a Tsjerk Model mare, sired by Onne 376, Liskje comes to us with an outstanding pedigree.
She is 16 hands at only 3 years old and scored incredibly high movement scores
at her three year old keur. For more information on Liskje, click here.

Suite With A View (Star) - Percheron / Thoroughbred

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Lauren and Star!

6 Year Old Percheron x Thoroughbred Mare
Click here to see her page.

Nero's Conquest

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Lynn and Connor!

Rising 5 Year Old Friesian x Paint Gelding

Femke van de Brink

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Ashley and Femke!

Heinse 354 x Rienskje (ster) x Peke 268
Click here to see her page.

Quantum MF

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Carrie and Quantum!

Jasper 366 x Renske Welmoed (ster) x Tsjomme
Click here to see his page.


* * SOLD * *
Congratulations to Gracie's new owners!

Tetse 394 x Jeike (ster) x Oeds 318
Click here to see her page.

Thomas MF

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Dani and Thomas!

Teade 392 x Renske Welmoed (ster) x Tsjomme
Click here to see his page.

Tahiti MF

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations to Jesse and Tahiti!

Erik 351 x Femke van de Brink x Heinse
Click here to see her page.

Orion MF

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations to Laura Doyle and Orion!

Jorrit 363 x Shera (ster) x Sander
Click here to see his page.

Solomon MF

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Corrie and Solomon!

Nanning 374 x Shera (ster) x Sander

Othello MF

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Sheila and Othello!

Fetse 349 x Ourenske H. (ster) x Hearke P
Click here to see his page.

Tetske van de Amelse Hoeve (ster)

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Sue and Tetske!

Folkert 353 x Tolita (ster) x Gerlof

Malachi MF

* * SOLD * *
Congratulations Troy and Malachi!

Leffert 306 x Tetske (ster) x Folkert